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Newline Panels

Use this page to find information and training resources for the Newline Panels installed around the school sites.




Quick Start Guides:

Identifing your Panel:

(Q - Series typically have power button on the right and RS+ typically have the power button on the left)

DNCOE and DNUSD have partnered with Newline to integrate and expand the use of interactive digital panels in our classrooms.

We will be making available the Newline Video Learning Series, Newline scheduled webinars and face-to-face training.

Newline Interactive Panels - Resources and Training Links

Please review the specifications and training information below:

Newline University

Newline Training Site


Newline - Trafera

(Requires Registration)


Newline Videos

Youtube Channel


Newline Guides

User Guides and Resources


District Tech Support Line:

707-464-0701 or Ext. 10710

Quick Q & A


All Newline interactive display features have been developed to offer you maximum support without any complicated procedures that detract from the essential interaction between teachers and students.
Newline’s aim is to make touchscreen use and integration in the classroom as easy and natural as possible, in order to let you focus on teaching exactly how you want and offering students the help they need.

  • Antimicrobial coating to keep you safe
  • Embedded blue light filter to protect your eyes
  • Helpful Classroom Apps
  • Ergonomically positioned menu keys 
  • Compatible with any hardware and software, super easy to connect to